Joint Committees

WRHA Continuing Education Fund Committee (Regional)

This committee was originally mandated to administer the $1.6 million regional portion of the $3 million set aside for Continuing Education Funding to assist the Manitoba Nurses Recruitment and Retention Fund Committee in the retention of nurses in the province. That $1.6 million has now been exhausted. This funding is not negotiated at bargaining; is not included in the Collective Agreement, and therefore is discretionary from Manitoba Health on an annual basis. Monies now flow from Manitoba Health to the Provincial Recruitment & Retention Fund Committee. The Provincial Recruitment & Retention Fund Committee (which includes Darlene Jackson, President, MNU) annually makes decisions annually regarding the disposition of these funds (e.g. to the WRHA Continuing Education Fund Committee).


The WRHA Continuing Education Fund Committee (Con Ed) represents nurses throughout the WRHA and is a joint committee of management and union representatives.  Management rep Marg Synyshyn (MATC) and union rep Dana Orr (Riverview) co-chair the committee.

$500 per calendar year.

This fund may be used for course registration and air fare/hotel as required. (up to $500.00 annually per nurse).


Applications must be received by the Fund office no later than 30 days after the completion of course/workshop.


Application forms can be obtained by going to the WRHA’s website (click on Health Professionals then Nursing then Continuing

Education Fund).


The funding available comes from the WHRA Continuing Education Fund to you as a nurse in the WRHA. It is your money to utilize in accordance with the guidelines. Applications are reviewed carefully to ensure employers are not offloading collective agreement Article 2407 responsibilities to the WRHA Continuing Education Fund. Employers do not have access to this fund and should not expect nurses to apply to the fund and then require those nurses to pay that money back to the “unit/program/specialty Education Trust Fund”.


Unit specific education (trust) funds are completely separate from the WRHA Continuing Education Fund. Guidelines for those funds cannot include repayment by nurses for monies received from the WRHA Continuing Education Fund. Should this occur please contact the Local 5 office immediately for assistance.


If your employer is telling you to attend a conference/seminar, then they should be paying you in accordance with Article 2407 of the MNU collective agreement.


Any questions regarding guidelines, applications and/or approval can be directed to the WRHA Continuing Education Fund Committee at 204.334.3433