Do's and Don'ts of Reassignment (formerly Secondment)

The following information is provided to ensure that Local 5 members are aware of the issues surrounding reassignment which is outlined in the collective agreement Article 2804.  

Reassignment Statistics

For Comparison purposes:

For 2018 - 210 incidences of nurses being reassigned to another unit were reported to the Local 5 office

For 2019 - As April 30 - 72 incidences of nurses being reassigned to another unit were reported to the Local 5 office


Article 2804: Promotion & Reassignment

In the event of a temporary lateral work reassignment being necessitated by an unforeseen staffing shortage on a nursing unit, a nurse may be reassigned subject to the following condition:


Where the reassigned nurse does not have the specific competency for that similar patient/resident/client base, they would only be assigned functional tasks or would work directly with a nurse on that unit.

This lateral work reassignment will be made by the out of scope manager as close to the commencement of the shift as possible.  Selection of the nurse to be reassigned shall be based on ability and experience and shared as equally as possible.


Orientation will be provided of sufficient duration to assist the nurse in becoming acquainted with essential information such as policies and procedures, routines, location of supplies and equipment, and fire and disaster plans.


Do remember that reassignment is a management responsibility.

You can only be reassigned by the employer (out of scope manager). Managers are PTMs, Program Directors, Supervisors and the designated " Administrator on Call" for the hospital. Your CRN or charge nurse cannot direct your work. If the CRN or charge nurse is telling you that you have been reassigned, please request that the PTM or supervisor be contacted so that an appropriate discussion regarding the reassignment can occur.


In accordance with article 2804 reassignments are only allowable for unforeseen reasons, such as sick calls, bereavement leave, heavy workload and increased acuity.  Reassigning nurses for known vacancies is not allowable under the collective agreement.  Do know that a reassignment can occur at any time during a shift.


Your rights when you are reassigned.

  • You have the right to know the reason for the reassignment.
  • You have the right to request orientation to the area you are being reassigned to.
  • You have the right to request a manageable assignment (i.e. doing tasks, treatments, etc.) on the unit you are reassigned to.


Do remember: obey first, grieve later.

Management has the right to direct nurses' work. Do not put yourself in a position of being disciplined for insubordination by refusing to follow management's direction.


If you believe that you are being improperly reassigned, work the shift the employer has requested of you and contact the Local 5 office as you may have a grievance.


Be sure to fill out a Notification to Union of Reassignment form. You can either download the form, print, complete it and fax it to the Local 5 office (204.237.3927) or download it and complete it on-line using Acobat Reader and submit it via email directly to Local 5.  Please be sure to retain a copy for your records.


Notification to Union of Mandatory Overtime & Reassignment form - PDF download