New to SBH (Nurses Only)

New to SBH (Nurses Only)

Hello and Welcome to St. Boniface Nurses Local 5!


As a nurse employed by St. Boniface Hospital you are automatically a dues paying member of St Boniface Nurses Local 5 of the Manitoba Nurses Union.  The Local 5 office is located across from the hospital at Suite 704 – 400 Taché Avenue.



Hospital Orientation


Due to Covid-19 in-person hospital orientation has been suspended.  In the past, hospital orientation afforded us the opportunity to meet new nurses in person at which time we would provide you with our information package.  As in-person meetings are not possible as this time, we are providing you with that information here.


Union Membership


As a new nurse at SBH, it is important that you fill out a Manitoba Nurses Union (MNU) membership form.  This allows Local 5 and MNU provincial to add you to their membership.  Submitting a membership form will also ensure you are getting the most up-to-date information on Covid-19 as well as other issues, from Local 5 and the provincial MNU.


MNU membership application forms are available online via the MNU website  Click on Member Resources.  Scroll down to the new membership application.  Fill out the form (your facility is St. Boniface Hospital) and submit. 


After you’ve submitted a new membership application, email and request your MNU ID number.  MNU will send you your MNU ID number along with instructions on how to access the MNU Portal to create your profile inclusive of a password.



 Local 5 Executive


The Local 5 executive is comprised of the key executive (executive officers), unit reps, and committee chairpersons.  The executive is responsible for addressing the needs and activities of the Local in between meetings of the Local.


Click here to view the Local 5 Executive for 2020-2021.


Financial Assistance Available to Local 5 members for Continuing Education


Financial assistance is available to Local 5 members for continuing education conferences and/or courses.  Click here to view funding available.



Mandatory Overtime and Reassignment


For information regarding Mandatory Overtime click here.


For information regarding Reassignment click here.



Notification to Union of Mandatory Overtime/Reassignment (form)


This dual-use form is used by nurses to notify the Local 5 office when they have been mandated or reassigned.  Click here for the notification form.  Please print off a few copies so you have them on hand should you ever be mandated or reassigned.


Our office gathers statistics from the Mandatory Overtime and Reassignment notifications received.  Those statistics are shared with the employer at Nursing Advisory Committee meetings and are provided to MNU provincial (so they are aware of what is happening at SBH).



Workplace Accident or Illness


Accidents in the workplace do happen, and people do become ill.  For information on workplace accident or illness click here.


Workload Staffing Reports


Workload Staffing Reports (WSRs) are part of the MNU collective agreement and are a joint tool (union and employer) for problem-solving unresolved nursing issues.


Information regarding WSRs can be found on the MNU website  Click on Member Resources, then Workload Staffing Reports.


Filling Out a WSR


When you first identify a workload issue discuss the situation with your PTM/Supervisor.  If the PTM’s/Supervisor’s response is not to your satisfaction or the situation remains unresolved, make notes and when you have time, fill out a WSR online  (You will need to know your MNU number and password.)


When a WSR has been filled out online by a SBH nurse, MNU sends a notification to Local 5.  When the PTM/Supervisor responds to a WSR, MNU forwards the Local a copy of the completed report.


When our office receives a completed WSR from MNU, we send a notification to the WSR’s author.  A copy of the WSR is then forwarded to the WSR Committee.


Workload Staffing Reports (WSR) Committee


Here at Local 5 we have our own Workload Staffing Reports committee that meets and reviews WSRs submitted by Local 5 members. 


Click here to view a listing of the WSR Committee Reps.


Local 5 gathers statistics from the WSRs received and shares those with the employer at meetings of the Nursing Advisory Committee.  (MNU provincial receives a copy of all WSRs completed online which form MNU’s provincial statistics).


We greatly appreciate the efforts made by nurses at St. Boniface Hospital in communicating their workload and staffing concerns via the WSR.



Social Media and Your Professional Practice


Social media and social networking can have a significant impact on your professional practice.  Below is some information that you should know.


  • Click here to view CRNM’s/CRPNM’s information on social media and social networking.


  • Click here to view Canadian Nurses Protective Society’s (CNPS’s) information on social media.


  • In 2012 MNU published an article in their Front Lines Magazine regarding social media and nursing.  The information provided in that article is still relevant.  Click here to view MNU Front Lines Magazine Issue Three 2012.  Once you’ve open it, the article can be found on page 10.


  • In 2010 MNU published an article in their Front Lines Magazine regarding the use of facebook and twitter.  The information provided in that article is also still relevant and is applicable to other social media applications/platforms.  Click here to view MNU Front Lines Magazine Issue Two 2010.  Once you’ve open it, the article can be found on page 4 & 5.


Other CRNM Resources

  • The relationship you have with your patients is paramount.  Click here to view CRNM’s information regarding Professional Boundaries for Therapeutic Relationships. 

  • As an RN in Manitoba, you are expected to meet nursing practice expectations. These are expected and achievable levels of registered nursing practice and are approved by the CRNM’s council.  Click here to view CRNM’s information regarding Nursing Practice Expectations.

St. Boniface Nurses Local 5 Website



Our website contains a wide range of information specific to Local 5 members (nurses employed by St. Boniface Hospital).  Some of information provided herein is also accessible elsewhere on our website.


Important Information - Things You Should Know


  • Please read all onboarding documents provided by the employer and submit documents as requested/required.  We recommend you keep a copy of any documents you provide to the employer, noting the date and time, and to whom they were submitted.  (HR Shared Services will accept photos of documents.)


  • Keep a copy of any and all documents you provide to someone else (the employer, HRSS, MPI, WCB, your licensing body, etc.).  Noting the date, time, and to whom it was provided is a good practice to have.  Have a copy of documents may prove to be helpful should an issue arise at a later date.


  • Please check your biweekly pay statements for accuracy.  Should you discover an error, please raise it immediately with the assigned timekeeper.  If you are having difficulty interpreting your pay statement, please request assistance from the assigned timekeeper.  If an issue persists, please contact the Local 5 office for assistance.


  • Nurses eligible for an academic allowance (AA) as per the collective agreement Appendix “B, will see this show up as a separate line on their payment statement.  If you are not receiving an academic allowance that you feel you are entitled to, please contact the Local 5 office.


  • Your licensing body (CRNM, CLPNM, and CRPNM) is separate and apart from the Manitoba Nurses Union (MNU).  Your licensing body regulates the practice of nursing in Manitoba; the union comes into play once you have been hired into a position that is represented by MNU.  The union’s role is to negotiate wages and benefits, and assists members with various challenges in the workplace.


  • Local 5 is here to assist you with any issues or concerns related to your workplace (employment by St. Boniface Hospital).  If you are unsure whether or not you should contact the Local, please contact us.  We are here to help and are happy to assist you.