Mandatory Overtime

Mandatory Overtime

The following information is being provided to ensure that members are aware of the issues surrounding any occurrence of mandatory overtime. We hope this document will help to reduce any confusion and/or misunderstandings surrounding this issue.


The employer can only mandate overtime as a last resort. They must have exhausted all avenues prior to mandating overtime. For example:

  • voluntary overtime of qualified nurses (regardless of home unit and/or occupational classification)
  • part-time nurses – additional shifts
  • casuals


Do's & Don't of Mandatory Overtime - PDF download


Notification to Union of Mandatory Overtime & Reassignment form - PDF download


Mandatory Overtime at St. Boniface Hospital


In 2018 we were notified of 1,886 incidences of mandatory overtime.

Woman & Child Program - 1,090

Cardiac Sciences Program - 204

Critical Care Program - 13

Surgery Program - 171

Medicine/Family Medicine Program - 289

Emergency Program - 61

Mental Health Program - 9

Palliative Care Program - 49


January 1 - February 28, 2019 - We are seeing incidences of mandatory drop compared to 2018, however they have not gone done to 2017's numbers.


To view incidences of mandatory overtime by unit and month todate for 2019 - click here.


Also note that these numbers only reflect the amount of mandatory overtime reported to the Local 5 office and therefore, we believe the incidences of mandatory overtime is much higher.  We also know that all of this mandatory overtime is in addition to the voluntary hours of OT that many of you are working.


The MNU provincial office and Local 5 are in receipt of many emails and calls regarding this issue.  We need you to know that we share your frustration with this situation, and we continue to work towards resolving this issue.


Your Local 5 executive is working with MNU in holding the employer accountable regarding the incredible amount of mandatory overtime being workded at SBH. We are seeking to find a solution that will provide for a reasonable, manageable workload, that will ensure safe patient care, and put an end to this unsustainable amount of overtime.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above, please email



Karen Sadler, RN


St. Boniface Nurses Local 5