Mandatory Overtime

Mandatory Overtime

The employer can only mandate a nurse to work overtime as a last resort. All avenues must be exhausted prior to the employer mandating a urse to work overtime. These include:

  • voluntary overtime availability of qualified nurses (regardless of home unit and/or occupational classification)
  • part-time nurses – additional shifts
  • casuals

In order for a nurse to be mandated, she/he must be in an overtime position as per article 1601 of the collective agreement. 


Do's & Don't of Mandatory Overtime - PDF download


Notification to Union of Mandatory Overtime & Reassignment form - PDF download


Mandatory Overtime Stats


January 1 - April 30, 2022 PDF download 


Please note: these statistics only reflect the incidences of mandatory overtime voluntarily reported to the Local 5 office by Local 5 members.