Contract Issues & Grievances

Grievance Procedure

*All references to the "collective agreement" or "contract" refer to St. Boniface Nurses Local 5 Collective Agreement.


The grievance procedure is outlined in Article 12.


What is a Grievance

Article 1201 states: A "grievance" shall mean a dispute between a nurse; or between a group of nurses with a similar grievance; or between the Union and the Employer regarding the application, interpretation, or alleged violation of the Agreement.

All grievances begin at the complaint stage (Article 1205).

When an issue first arises (complaint stage) a file is opened at Local 5. Every effort is made to investigate and resolve an issue at this stage to the satisfaction of the nurse(s) involved.

Investigations include but are not limited to the following:

  • Issues/concerns regarding master rotations
  • Issues/concerns regarding mandatory overtime and/or secondment
  • Issues/concerns regarding the equitable distribution of overtime
  • Issues/concerns regarding vacation scheduling
  • Issues/concerns regarding interchanges
  • Issues/concerns regarding the awarding of a position
  • Representation for members at discipline meetings
  • Representation for members at Duty to Accommodate (DTA) meetings
  • Representation for members at Gradual Return to Work (GRTW) meetings
  • Representation for members at Attendance Support and Assistance Program (ASAP) meetings

The disposition of an investigation can be one of three ways:

  1. Issue is resolved
  2. Issue becomes a grievance
  3. Issue is considered "no longer under discussion". This happens when an issue being investigated is no longer relative, or when an investigation has started and the nurse no longer wishes to pursue her/his concern.