Workload Staffing Reports

Important information to remember when filling out a WSR

When a situation occurs, discuss it with your PTM or Supervisor to see if something can be done to improve the situation at that time.


If the situation cannot be resolved at that time (i.e. no staff available), advise the PTM/Supervisor you spoke with that a WSR will be filled out.  Do not be intimidated, documentation of the situation is necessary!


The new Workload Staffing Report form was released last fall.  Tips for completing the form are noted on the front cover.  The back of the form outlines the Workload Staffing Problem-Solving Process.


Once you've filled out the WSR, fax a copy to the Local 5 office 204-237-3927.  This will enable us to track forms filled out as the new WSR does not includes vouchers to fill out.  Then forward the WSR to the person with whom you discussed the situation.

If a situation occurs that warrants an Occurrence Report (i.e. patient fall, drug error, equipment failure), please note when you complete the WSR form that an Occurrence Report was filled out.

If you have any questions, please contact your unit’s representative on the WSR Committee.