Workers Compensation

Employer Appeals of Approved WCB Claims

Over the past few years we have been experiencing a very distressing phenomenon - a dramatic increase in the number of nurses' approved WCB claims being appealed by the employer.


What makes this so upsetting for the Local and our members is that in some of the cases being appealed there was no time loss - just claims for physiotherapy treatments.


This process is often devastating for the member involved.  Many nurses have expressed the fact that they feel as though their employer does not believe them - that their injury is not legitimate.


MNU has an advocate to assist with WCB matters and they had success in being able to uphold many of the approved WCB claims for our members that have gone before the review board.




Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba

Claim Information Centre – phone 204.954.4100 or toll free 1.800.362.3340

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