Workers Compensation

Do document the accident or illness

  • You should document every workplace accident or illness as soon as it occurs.

  • It doesn’t matter whether or not you will be missing work. Even if you are staying at work. You must notify your PTM/Supervisor at the time of incident. Document the incident/exposure in case of future absences related to the incident/exposure.

  • To do that an Incident Tracker (available on the SBH intranet) must be completed. The Incident Tracker is the employer's documentation and goes to your PTM and/or Occupational Health.


Remember to ask for and keep a copy of the Incident Tracker regarding the incident/exposure. We strongly recommend that in addition to filing the Incident Tracker you should personally submit a claim directly to WCB (use your copy of the hospital report) when the incident occurs. If you file a claim yourself, then you know for sure that it is on record.

Failure to report a workplace accident or illness to WCB when it occurs may jeopardize your claim.


If you did not report an incident of injury or illness (exposure) to WCB at the time of occurrance, report it directly to WCB (Claim Information Centre 204.954.4100 or 1.800.362.3340, Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 7:00 pm for documentation purposes.)


If there is actual work time loss (at the time of the incident or later) you must personally notify WCB.